How to Become an American Professional Soccer Player

How to become a pro soccer playerThere are many barriers to professional soccer in the U.S., and the biggest of these is the American youth soccer system. In spite of the nearly 5 BILLION dollars that parents spend every year on youth soccer player development, the truth is that very, very few of America’s youth soccer coaches are qualified to TEACH the game.

Even fewer can teach you how to become a pro.

The overwhelming majority of youth soccer coaches know very little about athlete motivation and how to get the most from an athlete, and almost NONE of them have any background in child psychology, game theory, or even education.

On top of that, the system of youth soccer development in the U.S. stifles creativity and destroys player confidence, which is why over 50% of America’s measly 600 professional MLS soccer players come from outside our American borders.

America has 3 million youth soccer players, but can only produce 300 pros good enough to play in the MLS. With that statistic, how does any American become a professional soccer player?

It’s actually rather easy.

It’s a fact that, while every able bodied person can be taught the skills necessary to become a very good athlete, every top level professional shares one trait that sets them apart from their peers, and makes them stand out above every other good athlete.



If you have the will, we'll show you the way.

  • National List of Tryouts

    National List of Tryouts

    We have lists of every pro & semi-pro tryout, time and place in the nation.

  • Valuable Information

    Valuable Information

    We educate you on the system, and reveal all of the opportunities available to you.

  • Real Help

    Real Help

    We offer professional player analysis & feedback that will teach you how to play like a pro.

What future pros are saying

The secret to success is knowledge.

Thank you, US Soccer Scout. You've given my dream wheels and put me on a course to fulfilling my dreams. I knew I wanted to be a pro, but had no idea where to start. You make it look so easy.
Mark Hemmich
Mark Hemmich
Culver City, California
Thanks so much for all of your guidance. The monthly list of nationwide tryouts has made finding a team easy. I had no idea there were so many women's professional soccer teams.
Jessica Hanover
Jessica Hanover
Hartford, Connecticut
When I graduated college, I thought my soccer days were over. I saw you guys on Facebook and signed up for the free report. In 2 weeks, I was signed to a semi-pro team - Greek American AA. Thanks again.
Danny Hargrave
Danny Hargrave
Boston, Massachusetts